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Past events:

“Four Corners to Fukushima – Vigil and Candlelight Procession”
March 7th, 2014 – Flagstaff








“Four Corners to Fukushima – Break the Nuclear Chain”
March 9th, 2014 – Phoenix





“Youth Speak in Defense of the Canyon!”
WHEN: Thursday, November 21st, 3-4P
WHERE: Weatherford Hotel, Downtown Flagstaff

Photos and video:

Image 3

Image 2

Video 1 of 7


7/4 – “Freedom from Imperialism Barbeque”
WHEN: Thursday, 4:00pm until 12:00am/WHERE:Anti-Uranium Encampment, on Hwy 64 north of Valle and south of Tusayan between MP 219-220.

Many sacred sites in the Four Corners area are under attack. Come eat, strategize and pray with other campaigners. Mutton, beans, fry bread provided. Potluck otherwise. Shut Down Canyon Uranium Mine! Support the Havasupai Tribe. Stop Wate Uranium Mine – Support Dine Ban Initiative. Stop Desecration of the San Francisco Peaks! Save the Confluence! No Uranium Mining at Mt Taylor! No Uranium Fracking at Church Rock! In Solidarity with Idle No More. Bring your banners and signs to put up! Bring music! Everyone is welcome to camp out overnight if they want to.

More info:!/events/368673973255479/

No Uranium Mining! Week
February, 2013 – Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff

After a week of lectures on the Canyon Uranium Mine, threats to water, and Native American impacts of mining, students and locals rallied outside the University Union on Northern Arizona University campus. Despite the wind, about 50 people turned out and educated fellow students about the Canyon Mine and the need to protect Grand Canyon.



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